Bring Yourselves Back Online

Welcome back! This is a little different from other episodes. Mike and Tim reunite for the first Watchers on the Couch episode in over a year and a half to catch up and test out some new recording tech. They discuss a potential Game of Thrones spinoff, try to remember what happened last season on Westworld, and check out the Westworld season 4 trailer.

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“Malice” and “Æsahættr” Recap [S2E6-7]

It’s been was a hectic holiday in the real world, and we couldn’t record last week, so we’re here with another double.
We are covering both Episodes 6 and 7 of Season 2 of His Dark Materials: Malice and Æsahættr.

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[S2E5] “The Scholar” Recap

Everyone grasp your golden monkey! Tim and Mike discuss the worst heist planning ever in “The Scholar,” episode 5 of the HBO/BBC series “His Dark Materials” Season 2

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[S2E4] “Tower of the Angels” Recap

Tim and Mike try to put their finger on what’s going on in “Tower of Angels,” episode 4 of the HBO/BBC series “His Dark Materials” Season 2

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“The Cave” and “Theft” Recap | His Dark Materials [S2E2-3]

After a week off due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Tim and Mike are back to cover Episode 2 (The Cave) and Episode 3 (Theft) of Season 2 in the HBO series His Dark Materials.

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[S2E1] “City of Magpies” Episode Discussion

Why don’t witches kill the people that matter? Who’s the worst Coulter? Are all the worlds cake? Tim and Mike reunite to discuss the adventures of Lyra and Will.


3×08: “Crisis Theory” Review

It’s the Westworld Season 3 finale… and we have lots of thoughts and opinions.

Thanks for joining us this season. We’ll see you for season 4…. whenever that is.  In the meantime, follow us on our various platforms for more Watchers on the Couch updates.

3×07: “Passed Pawn” Discussion

Mike didn’t have to knock Evan Rachel Wood,
He doesn’t want katanas on the set.
And thinks this episode isn’t good,
Then there’s his impressions that we get

[3×06]: “Decoherence” Discussion

Mike has his own soundboard and strong opinions about William’s therapist. We discuss what hosts could be being printed to help Maeve, and one possibility make surprise you. All this and a brand new theory, exclusive to the Watchers on the Couch podcast.

3×05: “Genre” Discussion

It’s an all music episode! So you know it’s going to be a favorite of one of the Watchers.

Why is it that bullets are effective on Delores some times but not others? Why is it some taxis bulletproof? Why is it this season, the only ones that we are emotionally connected to is the scooter and George?

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