Short Delay This Week

Hey everyone, Tim here. I just wanted to give you all a quick update. There’s going to be a small delay with the next episode of Watchers on the Couch. Both Mike and I had some real life issues today that prevented us from sitting down this evening to talk about Episode 6 of Westworld… Fidelity. Turns out day jobs, and other life events don’t eally care about our little podcast where we make dick jokes at the expense of popular television shows. But such is life.

We’re planning to record Wednesday, that’s tomorrow, evening instead, which will push the release to sometime on Thursday, instead of our normal Wednesday release.

Also, we mentioned at the close of the show last week that Mike will be on vacation next week following the airing of Episode 7. So next week’s episode is going to be a little different, since I think I’m going to be flying mostly solo… and I have no idea how that’s going to work. I haven’t done that in the seven years we’ve been doing the podcast.

So this would be a great time for you to send in your thoughts, theories, questions, rants, etc. about this Sunday’s Westworld. I’m still planning on recording the episode on Tuesday evening as we usually do, so you’ll have a couple days to get those in.

Leaving a message on our web-based voicemail would be great, so I can play them on air. You can now get to our voicemail by going directly to, and that should work on desktop and mobile. But I also know how to read, despite what some people say about me, so if you aren’t comfortable with having your voice on the show, I don’t blame you, I’m not sure I do either. But you can send an email to as well.

So just to quickly recap. Late release for this week’s episode of Westworld Season 4 Episode 6: “Fidelity” and I’d really appreciate your help for next weeks penultimate Season 4 Episode 7: Metanoia. Please give me some of your brain matter to work with at or

That’s it. Thanks! And we’ll talk at you soon.

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