Something Stupid (Shickadance) [S4E07]

This week Mike Daffron and Jimmy Lopez breakdown and recap Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 7. We had a lot of fun on this episode so give it a listen and try it out!

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Romans (We Disagree.) [S1E10]

Listen as two friends discuss and argue in a friendly manner about an episode, nay, TEN episodes of television! We defy all accepted convention of the internet. Enjoy! Read More

Piñata (You Can’t See Me) [S4E06]

In this weeks episode of Better Call Saul, Mike Daffron and Jimmy Lopez break down the episode, discuss if they could handle 10 month in isolation, great uses for John Cena’s intro music, hair shirts, and Kim and Jimmy’s fish returns!

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Henry Deaver (“I’m leaning towards Skarsgard’s butt.”) [S1E9]

If we had a dime for every time we’ve had to spin an elaborate yarn to explain why everyone thinks we’re Satan, why everyone dies around us all of the time, and why we were in a cage in the abandoned basement of a prison…we’d have zero dimes! But Henry…err…the Kid…WHOEVER would have one dime, at the very least! Join us as we break down episode 9 and pat ourselves on the back for correct theories! Read More

Quite a Ride (Ice Station Nips) [S4E05]

In this weeks episode of Better Call Saul, Mike and Jimmy break down the episode, discuss old satellite dishes, Judge Dredd, Jimmy’s mall walker hustle, and more! Read More

Talk (Marco….POLLOS!) [S4E04]

In this weeks episode of Better Call Saul, Mike and Jimmy break down the episode, discuss what is going on with Kim and the Judge with Mike Daffron’s misophonia, how the show is unwatchable, Anita Dick, and what are the jobs Gus has for Nacho and Mike Read More

Something Beautiful (Element of Surprise) [S4E03]

In this weeks episode of Better Call Saul, Mike and Jimmy break down the episode, reveal characters who returned from Breaking Bad, give theories for the future, and discuss a Madrigal training video which you can find at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_y6OHG1EK4

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Breathe (Miracle Spring Water) [S4E02]

Jimmy and Mike talk about nacho and cheese, miracle spring water, paper or plastic, where we have seen those Hummel figurines before, and Andrew Dice Clay makes an appearance on the podcast.

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Harvest (The New Balance Of Diet Squirt) [S1E5]

It’s a full house at Mike D’s Sound Room this week for our favorite episode yet! It’s wacky AND dark! Chris and Debby are joined by fellow Watcher Mike Daffron and two former members of the peanut gallery, Lindsey and Nick. Do you like Dad footwear? How about off-brand diet soda? Join us for this double-sized episode! Read More

The Box (Pangborn Christ) [S1E04]

Debby can’t stop making jokes about the episode title and Chris makes some of the strangest connections yet. They do their usual overboard note-taking to get to the bottom of this episode! How do you guys feel about boxes? Read More

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