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1×10: The Black Queen | House of the Dragon

Tim and Mike discuss the season finale of House of the Dragon, The Black Queen. Did the show meet expectations, or did season 1 fall off like a young man on a dragon?

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[1×09] The Green Council | House of the Dragon

Stay awhile won’t you? Put your feet up. Slowly. Tim is here to recap and review episode 9 of the HBO original series Game of Toes– I mean House of the Dragon.

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[1×08]: The Lord of the Tides

Viserys walks the Green’s Mile. There’s too many Aegons. Vaemond fucks around and finds out. Tim and Mike discuss episode 8 of House of the Dragon, The Lord of the Tides.

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HOTD 1×07: Driftmark | Full Recap and Review

Tim and Mike discuss episode 7 of the Game of Thrones Prequel series House of the Dragon. Stop being creepy on Twitter about uncle niece relations or you are going to get a face full of pocket sand.

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1×07 Trailer Breakdown (No Book Spoilers)

Next On trailers move pretty fast. If you don’t stop and slow it down once in a while, you could miss it. Tim breaks down the scenes in the promotional trailer for House of the Dragon Episode 7 “Driftmark.”

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The Princess and the Queen [1×06]

Some characters leave us too soon, or they would have, if the show let us get to know them. And there’s some prevalent characters that we still don’t know anything about 16 years into the story.

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