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HOTD Episode 6 Promo Trailer Breakdown

Tim and Mike breakdown the House of the Dragon Episode 6 promo trailer. Next week’s episode is supposedly titled “The Princess and the Queen” but we’ll see.

This week we are trying an experiment where we’ve cut the discussion of the Next Week’s Episode trailer out of the main discussion podcast, and made it a separate upload. Let us know if you prefer it this way, or if you’d rather have that segment back in the main episode.

Hosts: Tim Pickerill and Mike Daffron



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HOTD 1×05: We Light the Way (Full Recap)

“A Moon Door for Babies”

A horse has no name, or does it? A spice boy gets upset. The king needs a cough drop. And what’s the deal with these greasy geese? Mike and Tim recap and review episode 5 of the HBO original series, House of the Dragon.

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King of the Narrow Sea [1×04]

Otto Erotic Asphyxiation

Tim and Mike discuss episode 4 of the HBO Game of Thrones Prequel series, House of the Dragon. Titled King of the Narrow Sea.

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1×03: Second of His Name

Mike and Tim discuss episode 3 of the HBO series House of the Dragon. Tensions are rising between father and daughter, and the war in the Stepstones is not going well.

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[1×02] “The Rogue Prince” Recap and Review

Tim and Mike discuss the growing Bad Dad Club. The Hall of Stupid Faces makes it’s comeback. And Hightower is definitely not the next Little Finger.

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1×01: “The Heirs of the Dragon” Recap and Review

Tim and Mike return to Westeros to discuss dragon smells, family relations, and what may be the greatest implied insult ever, as they dive into the series premiere of House of the Dragon.

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