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1×09: “See How They Fly” Review

Tim and Mike discuss the season one finale of Watchmen. Mike talks about his love for cliffhangers. Tim wonders what else one might get from eating a magical egg.
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1×08: “A God Walks Into Abar” Review

Tim and Mike theorize on Dr. Manhattan’s perceptions of time and have too many questions. Does Jon’s existence prove there is no such thing as free will? Speaking of Will… is Angela actually the stupidest protagonist of all time?

1×07: “An Almost Religious Awe” Review

Flashbacks inside flashbacks. Pig jury. Elephant. Trapdoors. What the heck is going on? Tim and Mike dig through the warm skull on this week’s episode. Read More

1×06: This Extraordinary Being

Hope you brought your flashlight to shine on all the one-eyed monsters in this episode. Tim and Mike discuss the all Will Reeves-centric episode. We find out who he is, where he comes from, and that the creators of the show may not know what comas are. Or maybe we don’t. Who knows? We aren’t doctors. We just play Doctor Manhattan off-air.

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1×05: “Little Fear of Lightning” Review

It’s a Looking Glass centered episode, but Tim and Mike might spend a little too much time talking about what Wade watches on TV.

1×04: “If You Don’t Like My Story…” Review

This week, Watchmen shows us the absolutely worst place to go fishing. We have more questions than answers. Trieu story!
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