Watchers at the Movies and New Series Announcement!

Tim pops in for a minute or two to update you on the first episode for the monthly series “Watchers at the Movies” and the next television series to be covered by the Watchers team.

Watchers at the Movies

We’re pleased to announce the first episode of our new monthly series, Watchers at the Movies (or Watchers on the Couch: At the Movies if you like long titles).  Members of the Watchers panel will get together to discuss new theatrical releases.  For the month of October, the Watchers at the Movies are excited to tackle: Venom

Created by Todd McFarlane, Venom was traditionally the arch-nemesis of Spider-Man.  In recent years, Venom has become more of an anti-hero in the comics, and the movie appears to be following that path.

For this premiere, the Watchers Panel consists of:

Resident Venom expert Nick BeckDebby Hodges from our Castle Rock series, and “original watcher” Tim Pickerill.



Watchers at the Movies: Venom is scheduled for release on October 8th.

New Series!

Watchers on the Couch: Doctor Who

New season, new Doctor!  Tim and Sarah from the original Watchers crew will be covering Jodie Whittaker’s debut on the long running sci-fi show from the BBC.  Tim is a long time (ha! time!) Doctor Who fan, having watched it on PBS with his dad on Sunday nights as a kid back in the 80s.  Sarah is more recent convert to “New” Who having binge watching the 2005 reboot near the time of Matt Smith’s departure.  Both Tim and Sarah are excited for the challenge of covering a more “creature of the week” series as opposed to multi-season spanning dramas.


Our Doctor Who coverage will begin airing weekly on October 10th.

Both Watchers at the Movies, and Watchers on the Couch: Doctor who will be available in the main Watchers on the Couch podcast feed, as well as their own individual feeds.

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