Westworld: The Passenger (WTF?!) [S2E10]

It’s the season finale of Westworld, and we may have been left with more questions that answers. In case you missed it, there’s a post-credit scene at the end. If you haven’t seen it, go back and watch it before you listen to this episode. It’s the WTF of all WTFs!

There are a lot of plotholes we dive into this episode.

  • What’s the point of Teddy’s actions last episode if the “brain” is indestructible?
  • Why does Elsie inform Bernard that his memories are out of whack earlier this season, when his memories don’t get scrambled until much later?
  • Why doesn’t a show that takes places in an Old West theme park have any idea how guns work?

And seriously… that post credit scene… what the f?

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  • Although this season of Watchers: Westworld came about because Game of Thrones is still a year away, we’ve had a lot of fun talking about Westworld as well. We’re please to announce that Watchers of the Couch will be covering Season 3 of Westworld when it arrives.
  • Keep an eye on the horizon for more Watchers on the Couch announcements. We’re hoping to have some more news soon on the future of the podcast.


  • Tim’s latest episode of the Beard Vs. Evil podcast is out now! Tim is joined by Mike Daffron and Chris Naes as they discuss the concepts of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Check out beardvsevil.com or subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

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