[S2E4] “Tower of the Angels” Recap

Tim and Mike try to put their finger on what’s going on in “Tower of Angels,” episode 4 of the HBO/BBC series “His Dark Materials” Season 2

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“The Cave” and “Theft” Recap | His Dark Materials [S2E2-3]

After a week off due to the Thanksgiving holiday. Tim and Mike are back to cover Episode 2 (The Cave) and Episode 3 (Theft) of Season 2 in the HBO series His Dark Materials.

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3×05: “Genre” Discussion

It’s an all music episode! So you know it’s going to be a favorite of one of the Watchers.

Why is it that bullets are effective on Delores some times but not others? Why is it some taxis bulletproof? Why is it this season, the only ones that we are emotionally connected to is the scooter and George?

[3×04]: “Mother of Exiles” Discussion

The secrets of the balls revealed? Is Maeve still in the Matrix? Is William actually William? If so, will the William we’ll see the rest of the season really be William? Was the end of season 2, just something in William’s head? All of this, and Tim’s theory of TWO Seracs this week on Watchers on the Couch.

3×03: “The Absence of Field” Discussion

We mourn the passing of a beloved character that selflessly gave his life to save his friend. Or did he? We can’t even agree on what’s real this season and what’s a Robo-Ham simulation.

Westworld [3×02]: “The Winter Line” Discussion

We’re in a stay at home simulation, and we’re heading back into the Matrix that is this week’s episode of Westworld.

[3×01] “Parce Domine” Discussion

Tim, Sarah and Mike are back together, while maintaining a safe distance. Is everything a simulation? Is Caleb a George? Why are there so many swastikas on TV now? We dive into the season premiere of Westworld. Read More

Doctor Sleep Review

Are you all ready to take your MEDICINE?!? Debby and Chris talk about the Doctor Sleep and Debby’s favorite injury: DEGLOVING! Stay for the boner features!

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