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“The Clouded Mountain” and “The Botanic Garden” Recap and Review [3×07 & 3×08]

Tim and Mike cover the final two episodes of the His Dark Materials series, and are left with more questions than answers. Did Lyra and Will ever know the point to Asriel’s war? Why does Marisa have superpowers? What was the point of Gomez?

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No Way Out [3×05] & The Abyss [3×06] Recap

McPhail is stopped from touching a monkey. A talking polar bear knows more than he should about the multiverse. Asriel offers Thoughts but no Prayers. Tim and Mike discuss episodes 5 and 6 of His Dark Materials: “No Way Out” and “The Abyss”

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“The Intention Craft” and “Lyra and Her Death” [3×03 & 3×04]

Tim and Mike recap and discuss His Dark Materials episodes “The Intention Craft” and “Lyra and Her Death.” Is the Land of the Dead just another world like Will and Lyra’s, and if it is what does it mean for the “Kingdom of Heaven?” How much longer do we have to watch Mary just walk around? How does Iorek swing a hammer?

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[S3E1 + S3E2] The Enchanted Sleeper & The Break

Hold on to your daemons. Tim and Mike knock the dust off as they return to the worlds of His Dark Materials as they discuss the first two episodes of season 3: The Enchanted Sleeper, and The Break.

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“Malice” and “Æsahættr” Recap [S2E6-7]

It’s been was a hectic holiday in the real world, and we couldn’t record last week, so we’re here with another double.
We are covering both Episodes 6 and 7 of Season 2 of His Dark Materials: Malice and Æsahættr.

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[S2E5] “The Scholar” Recap

Everyone grasp your golden monkey! Tim and Mike discuss the worst heist planning ever in “The Scholar,” episode 5 of the HBO/BBC series “His Dark Materials” Season 2

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